June 2016 White Paper Download

June 2016 White Paper Download

Personalized Messaging Delivers Better Care Quality and Lower Costs

Health plans are in a state of rapid evolution, facing unprecedented financial losses in the personal health insurance exchange market while being incentivized to deliver measurably higher care quality.

By 2020, projections indicate that health care spending will account for 20 percent of the US GDP, with close to 30 percent of the dollars spent in the US health care system being identified as wasteful[1]. As more personalized and current messaging between customers, health care providers and insurers grows, the increase in medication adherence alone could potentially save billions in health care costs.

The ongoing discussion of “member engagement” needs to move from just “talk” to a credible “walk” when it comes to health plans influencing their members to choose healthcare resources that increase the quality of care while reducing the overall cost of care.

Download this white paper and learn:

  • ✓   How an evolving healthcare system 2016-06-08_11-39-42is changing the care delivery process
  • ✓   The opportunities and expectations of big data in member engagement
  • ✓   How RHI has communicated more efficiently and persuasively with members and patients
  • ✓   What communication channel preference means for integrated patient communication plans
  • ✓   How personalized messaging delivers better care quality and cost savings for payers and providers

[1] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3934668/



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