Encouraging Open Enrollment Loyalty

Encouraging Open Enrollment Loyalty

Starting November 1st, 2016 and extending into 2017, open enrollment periods for healthcare in the United States means that a number of healthcare insurance organizations will be working to not only retain their existing customer bases, but also looking to drive more healthcare consumers to learn more about the offerings.

Recently, a number of health insurers , including Aetna and UnitedHealth, have made decisions to either reduce or altogether drop their health plan offerings in the state exchanges mandated by  the Affordable Care Act., In addition to the reduction of carriers offering coverage , states like Florida are anticipating double-digit increases in the published premiums in the exchanges for medical coverages in 2017, which will likely frustrate  consumers as they begin their research into available coverage options during this year’s open enrollment period. RxEOB works to encourage open enrollment for healthcare

As healthcare purchasing begins to look more like other retail buying decisions, statistics show that in 2015, 89% of employees expressed interest in receiving more support and better information and tools to help them during open enrollment. The research data also indicates that employees who are satisfied with their employee benefits are likely to be more productive and happier in their current positions than employees who are currently unsatisfied with their benefits.

Health plans would benefit from considering the coming open enrollment period as a time to identify members who are did not incur many healthcare expenses this past year and who might be preferred for re-enrollment in the coming year’s benefit plan offerings. Further, health plans should be preparing targeted communication programs for those members who might have a disruption in their benefits due to changing networks, formularies, or plan designs, which builds trust between the plan and the member as well as better member satisfaction.

Other approaches for success during open enrollment should include:

Know Your Current Membership’s Preferences:

When you are trying to find a way to reach your existing consumers, understanding their preferred methods of communication for their open enrollment options can help build loyalty. While some of your core audience may prefer to be reached via an in-person discussion or phone calls, other members may prefer to be reached via email, text messaging or online video methods. Engage with your current e-members to understand their preferred methods of communications and create a personalized communication strategy.  Reducing membership churn could be accomplished by making sure current members get contacted today about why re-enrolling with their current health plan has benefits in care coordination and new program offering that fit their past healthcare services utilization.

Define Your Differentiation and Your Messaging:

During the open enrollment period, both your current and potentially new members will be bombarded with messaging regarding the pros and cons of different plans available during open enrollment.  Health plans that offer personalized and relevant information to their current members regarding how to use their current medical and pharmacy benefits in more cost-efficient ways will enhance plan loyalty.

Plans should consider sending members either email and text messages that include URL links to video content that support the favorable opinions members have about your brand, preferably through the experiences of key or community opinion leaders who have conditions or health care experiences in common with your member. Getting a member’s testimony re: getting help from the health plan in getting their diabetes “under control” would be an effective way to help re-enroll a member who has had a prescription or medical service to manage their diabetes.

If your company is looking for ways to encourage loyalty from your current members, RxEOB offers a range of products that help PBMs and health plans drive more consistent and rewarding engagement with their members. To find out how RxEOB can assist you, please contact us at 888-648-0989 ext. 226, or email us at info@rxeob.com.