Engage members/patients anywhere with RxEOB's mobile application and data management platform

emWellics enables employers to interact with members and patients and providers anywhere they have their mobile phones...at the point-of-care, the pharmacy, the dinner table, and at anytime of the day. RxEOB's mobile application suite offers customers a completely configurable approach to placing mobile decision-support tools in the hands of members and patients: medication history and drug look-up, drug savings calculations and plan benefit options, personalized messages, biometric trackers and physician office visit preparation application.

Now employers have an App for that...


emWellics is the latest mobile technology developed by RxEOB, and builds on almost 5 years of experience deploying pharmacy oriented mobile solutions for employers.

RxEOB’s mobile solution suite


Any web-enabled phone

MyDrugBenefitTM v3.0

Smart phone web-browser


Apple® iPhone/Pad/Touch
  • Medication research
  • Cheaper alternatives
  • Plan/mail-order contact info
  • Actionable medication history
  • Rx cost comparison
  • Physician visit prep
  • Targeted messaging
  • Pharmacy locator
  • My medications & providers
  • Conditions of interest
  • Medication savings center
  • Screenings & shots I need
  • Mobile message center
  • Track My Health
  • Dynamic ID card
  • News I need now
  • Get help now

Mobile Market Trends

Mobile "smartphones" are quickly becoming an integral part of everyday life. These portable communication devices are rapidly changing how consumers are getting information, being entertained, interacting with others, and conducting personal business. Even physicians are increasingly using portable computing to care for patients.

Consumer use of smart phones Physician use of smart phones