May 2016 Webinar

May 2016 Webinar

Member Messaging Reduces Health Care Costs

The RxEOB webinar focuses on the rigorous analysis of member messaging by a national health plan, including the methods used to measure messaging effectiveness and the benefits of electronic messaging channels.

“Members are facing a slew of issues with their health coverage,” said Robert S. Oscar, CEO of RxEOB. “From increasingly higher deductibles and nuanced health care service options to restricted plan design. Health plans have to adapt if they want to maintain and increase their membership. Better access, improved care quality and even lower care costs can be measurably achieved through personalized communications to members that focuses on helping members navigate this complicated landscape.”

The webinar focuses on three key learning objectives:

  • ✓   Why efficient analytics are required to identify the appropriate members for messaging
  • ✓   How message content and customization is critical for communicating “what’s in it for me” member issues
  • ✓   What the benefits are from cohesive communication campaigns towards Triple Aim and care quality goals

To receive a PDF copy of the webinar presentation, contact sales at sales@rxeob.com or directly by phone at 804-643-1540 ext.209


RxEOB - Member Messaging Webinar


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