The PwC 2016 Healthcare Industry Report and what it means for PBM’s, Health Plans and TPA’s

The PwC 2016 Healthcare Industry Report and what it means for PBM’s, Health Plans and TPA’s

Earlier this year, PwC released a study detailing the top issues for the healthcare industry for 2016. While a number of the issues detailed in the study relate to patient satisfaction, one of the most important aspects for PBM’s, healthcare providers and patients is the increased use of digital implementations of information related to better health outcomes, more involved medication adherence and increased prevalence and use of mobile platforms.

As the PwC study references, millions of American consumers will have their first video consults; have been “prescribed” their first health apps and have used their smartphones as diagnostic tools for the first time this year. 2016 is also the year when many Americans, faced with higher deductibles, will manage medical expenses with new tools and services rolled out by their insurance companies, healthcare providers, banks and other new entrants. RxEOB healthcare industry report information

Additionally, the study indicates the following consumer preference findings regarding consumer behaviors and preferences:

For PBM’s, health plans, and third-party administrators, understanding the importance of these consumer trends will help them navigate the best pathways for engaging consumers in managing their healthcare. With growth in the use of healthcare wearables and Big Data integration,, PBM’s, providers and TPA’s can leverage more personalized analytics, mobile messaging, and secure patient portals to drive deeper engagement with consumers, which most likely will lead to both better care quality and lower costs.

The PwC report findings and how they can inform strategies related to effective consumer healthcare engagement are in some ways foundational to the products that RxEOB offers its clients.  To find out how RxEOB can assist PBMs, TPA’s or health plans in better member engagement, please contact us at 888-648-0989 ext. 226, or email us at info@rxeob.com.