The Four “T’s”of Effective Patient Messaging (Part 3): Tailoring

The Four “T’s”of Effective Patient Messaging (Part 3): Tailoring

Virtually anyone in today’s digital society lives a life inundated by messages.  Much of it comes in the form of advertising and promotion delivered via web pages, emails and text messages – the vast majority of which we simply ignore or delete…unread.  These include immeasurable spam, most of which is intercepted by our service providers and filters even before we even see it.  In a sense, our brains are full-time filters, constantly and quickly deciding what’s worth our attention, and what’s not.  We do this in nanoseconds…and we do it all day long.

Of course, there are important messages buried in this constant barrage, and we innately know to be “on the lookout” for those stand-outs.  So, what is it that differentiates these messages from everything else…from the “noise”?  Bottom line, it’s what we call “Tailoring”.  Tailoring is what puts the message in a context that “fits” for the recipient, whether it’s the branding, the sender’s URL or domain, the messaging channel, or simply the content of the message.  Good Tailoring increases the likelihood that the message gets through our filters (either mechanical or mental) … and grabs our attention.




It’s kind of like when you’re sorting through the daily snail mail.  The “or current resident” flyers and bulk mail envelopes that have zero personalization get almost no attention, but a handwritten envelope gets opened.  That’s Tailoring at it’s most basic level.  When it comes to patient engagement, we think about Tailoring in the following terms:

The benefits of tailoring the message are clear.  The challenge is that tailoring requires the ability to take a group of targeted patients and make sure they each get the correct, personalized, version of the message – tailored for them.

This requires a system that can do the following things before generating the message to the patient:

With tools like these, a health plan can tailor its messages to members in ways that not only accommodate the member’s preferences (which increases both engagement and goodwill), but also make the message more relevant and personal –  which really makes it “stick”.  With messaging, “stickier” is better.  “Tailor” those messages.

Can your messaging platform do that?  Ours can, please contact us to learn more!