The Pharmacy Landscape

The Pharmacy Landscape

In recent years, the American consumer has become increasingly disconnected with their pharmacy benefits. Less than half of the U.S. population gets their prescriptions refilled and only five out of every 10 patients who have prescriptions take their medications properly. This leads to dwindled health overall and increased costs for both providers and consumers. One of the main reasons for this disconnect is confusion.

As deductibles for pharmacy benefits have increased, consumers have paid the price. Most users are unsure of which prescription drugs are covered under their insurance, where the pharmacies in their networks are located, which ones have the best prices and what, if any, alternatives to expensive brand name drugs exist.

In an effort to solve this issue within the pharmacy landscape, health care information and technology providers, such as RxEOB, have been working hard to unclutter the confusion and streamline processes associated with pharmacy benefits. Patient pharmacy claims from various health plan and PBM customers have been analyzed to determine analytics for drug re-pricing, member messaging, member web portals, mobile applications and reporting dashboards. These efforts have been made to help patients become better connected to their health care providers, improve their medical outcomes and reduce overall costs.

Throughout 2015, the use of advanced data analytics software will play a key role in the health care landscape. These systems allow pharmacies to track the medication history of patients faster, more effectively and more accurately than before. By utilizing technologies such as mobile health (mHealth), the communication between patients, hospitals, insurance providers and pharmacies can be simplified and better balanced. More consumers are ready and willing to embrace mobile technology, such as applications or wearable wellness instruments, and ignoring this trend can leave your health care company in the past.

The U.S. health care system can be a confusing topic for patients, but by employing proper communication methods, it doesn’t have to be. Streamlining the process is easy with help from health care technology providers like RxEOB, who have created a suite of offerings to better the pharmacy experience for patients.

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