Streamlining Prescription Processes

Streamlining Prescription Processes

The current scope of the U.S. prescription landscape for consumers is filled with questions frequently left up in the air with no clear or easy answers. More often than not, a user is given a prescription for a drug by a doctor, only to be sidelined by the pharmacy who requests prior approval from an insurance company. This leads to lost hours while all parties work towards an agreement.

Commonly referred to as prior authorization, many insurance providers require a review of prescribed medications to determine if they’re right for a patient medically, while also in accordance with their plan. Some insurance companies won’t cover the cost of a prescription if prior authorization is not granted. While this extra step is time-consuming for consumers, the practice is not going away anytime soon. It can, however, be streamlined through the use of advanced concepts within mHealth.

By better connecting doctors with pharmacists through mobile technology, the need for prior authorization can be better understood and optimized to benefit the patient. This can be conducted a number of ways, but perhaps the most beneficial is through the use of online programs and applications. RXEOB understands the headaches prior authorization can cause, which is why the AutoAuth Rx® app was created.

Before a prescription is administered, a doctor can use AutoAuth Rx® to better determine the prior authorization needs of specific drugs coupled with a patient’s insurance provider. This increases adherence with prescribed medications by reducing delays at the point of sale for retail pharmacies, while also lowering compliance audit issues through structured reporting of timelines for all prior authorization processing activities.

Streamlining the prescription process by virtually eliminating the unnecessary downtime associated with prior authorization is crucial to increasing member engagement within healthcare. To find out how RXEOB can help you provide better prescription services, contact us today.