Personalized Member Pharmacy Info Portal Benefits for Members

Personalized Member Pharmacy Info Portal Benefits for Members

For many healthcare consumers, the ability to comprehend the benefits of their prescription and pharmacy programs can be a daunting task. Accessing medication histories, finding network pharmacy options and understanding the types and levels of benefits that are available in their plan often necessitates searching through a variety of different portals to find the information that is needed.

The RxEOB Solution: MyDrugBenefit®

MyDrugBenefit® is a personalized member pharmacy portal for consumers that offers a wide range of benefits to allow for easy access to personalized pharmacy benefits and costs savings information. The secure pharmacy portal is helpful for both the member and the health plan sponsor, and includes the following benefits:






In addition to these member benefits, MyDrugBenefit® can also reduce labor costs for healthcare organizations and PBM’s through more efficient communication channels via the portal. Members can print out medication histories, find additional personal health information and use this information, along with resource links available in the portal, to help develop awareness of the benefits that they currently have and to manage their plans for better health.

The goal of MyDrugBenefit® is to give consumers, health care organizations and PBM’s an easy way to drive cost savings, improve adherence to prescribed medication therapy plans, and to help the member understand how to use their pharmacy benefit to their advantage. To learn more about the MyDrugBenefit® portal application and how RxEOB could support your healthcare organization, contact us at 888-648-0989 ext. 226 or email us at info@rxeob.com.