Patient Engagement Strategies and Connected Health

Patient Engagement Strategies and Connected Health

Patient engagement for better outcomes continues to be an important topic for the healthcare industry on both the provider and patient levels. Finding new and innovative ways via connected health methods to engage with patients can raise compliance rates for better health outcomes for patients, but can also lower costs for providers related to ongoing medical issues.

One of the challenges for providers is finding a consistent method to encourage  patient engagement so that patients will be able to take an active role in the plans for their treatments. According to a study by the President’s Cancer Panel, “Growing evidence shows that connected health technologies can make healthcare more effective and efficient by electronically connecting patients to clinicians, patients to other patients and clinicians to clinicians.” From a provider perspective, being able to use connected health technologies to help engage patients is important for achieving better healthcare outcomes. Connected Health RxEOB

Increasing patient engagement has been identified by many in the healthcare field as the next step in lowering costs. The Advisory Board Company’s Annual Health Care CEO survey showed that nearly half of executive respondents indicated that they were extremely interested in addressing the challenge of rising consumer expectations for service, while 45 percent of hospital and health system executives have shown extremely high interest in identifying patient engagement strategies, a 4 percent increase year over year.

The programs and capabilities of RxEOB are designed to assist healthcare organizations and PBMs with the delivery of patient engagement and connected health strategies that help drive successful outcomes for both patients and providers. With a variety of services available, RxEOB can deliver tailored programs to assist with all aspects of the connected patient process. RxEOB works with a number of healthcare organizations to offer patient engagement strategies to increase compliance and drive better patient outcomes. To learn more about how RxEOB can assist your healthcare organization, please contact us at 888-648-0989 ext. 226, or email us at info@rxeob.com