One Way Members With High Deductibles Can Save on Medications

One Way Members With High Deductibles Can Save on Medications

While high-deductible health care plans can help families save money on monthly premiums, they still pay higher out-of-pocket costs for medications until their deductible is met. Helping members find ways to cut drug costs not only increases patient satisfaction, it has a host of benefits for the health plan and pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), too.


Reaching members where they live – their smartphones – is a vital part of our evolving value-based health care system. Giving them a personalized mobile pharmacy benefits app for all their medical information – from their ID card, to their medications and money saving alternatives, to their in-network pharmacies – puts “transparency” power in their hands.


Help Members Use Drug Benefits Wisely


One way a pharmacy benefits app reduces costs is by showing members how to use their drug benefits wisely. For example, it can offer:


In addition, a good system will have an easy-to-navigate dashboard with a built-in messaging system to simplify the member’s experience.


How It Helps Health Plans and PBMs


Pharmacy apps don’t just benefit members; they also help health plans and PBMs. They offer:



If you’d like to learn more about how a secure, personal pharmacy app can benefit your members and your plan/PBM, contact RxEOB at 804-402-6615. Helping members make smarter health care decisions can have a positive impact on their bottom line – and yours, too.