Increasing Adherence by Reconnecting Consumers and PBM’s

Increasing Adherence by Reconnecting Consumers and PBM’s

When consumers consult or visit with their primary care physicians regarding medical condition onset or chronic medical conditions, the result of the visit is often a prescription to help treat and manage the condition. As today’s medical landscape continues to evolve, consumers can be confused by the prescription process and the level of pharmacy benefits that are available from their health plans and PBM’s.

Consumers often are not completely aware of the pharmacy benefits that they have within their individual or group health insurance coverages. RxEOB data shows that 70% of consumers get their prescriptions filled, 50% take their medications properly and that only 30% get their prescriptions refilled as directed by their physicians.

In addition, consumers are often confused by what prescription drugs are covered by their pharmacy benefit plans, that they were unaware which pharmacies in their network offered the best prices and additionally, consumers are unsure if there are generic drugs or other therapeutic alternatives to expensive brand name drugs that could help them save money.

Following prescribed medication regimens  set by physicians is not only beneficial to the long term health of consumers, but can also offer outstanding long term advantages in lowering future medical costs that can arise from more prolonged chronic health conditions like diabetes and asthma.

To increase consumer adherence with pharmaceutical prescriptions, RxEOB helps its clients analyze   their members pharmacy claims to identify opportunities for drug price savings, which members to send refill reminder messages, how to present personalize pharmacy information within secure web portals and mobile applications, and to report on the utilization detail of medications, including which physicians are prescribing the most expensive medications to patients. . As consumers are spending more of their money for their pharmacy benefits, our customers want to simplify the information that patients need to buy their prescriptions, which can lead to better use of their prescription medication, easier maintenance of their prescription drug schedules to improve their quality of life, and most importantly, a reduction in healthcare costs. . To learn more about how RxEOB can assist your healthcare organization, please contact us at 888-648-0989 ext. 226, or email us at info@rxeob.com.