3 Ways mHealth Can Increase Member Engagement

3 Ways mHealth Can Increase Member Engagement

As more and more people rely on smartphones and tablets to operate daily necessities of modern-day life, it is becoming more important to communicate to patients through concise and accessible methods – especially when it comes to increasing member engagement.

The idea behind implementing mHealth strategies in the healthcare sector stems from the fact that in 2013, there were approximately 145 million smartphone users in the U.S., with that number expected to increase to more than 200 million by 2017. That being said, it is safe to say that the average patient owns a mobile device, making apps that can reach them on these devices the most efficient medium to improve member engagement.

Consider the following ways mHealth can benefit patient/user relations:

Implementing mHealth strategies not only helps ensure that users are adhering to their prescriptions properly, they can also position your business as an important touch point of a consumer’s daily interaction with the healthcare system. To find out more about how mHealth can improve your operations, contact the experts at RXEOB today.