How the RxEOB Implementation Process Works

How the RxEOB Implementation Process Works

When the RxEOB team meets with healthcare providers, we are often asked “How long will this process take once we decide to move forward?” With our processes that have been created for maximum efficiency, the RxEOB team can implement the RxEOB pharmacy benefit ports and mobile applications for your healthcare business in 12-16 weeks.

RxEOB’s pharmacy benefit portals and mobile application assist health plans (including ACOs) and PBMs engage their patients for better pharmacy utilization and adherence, thereby improving patient outcomes and reducing overall healthcare costs. Working to simplify processes, RxEOB’s pharmacy benefit ports and mobile applications analyze more than 45 million patient pharmacy claims from various health plan and PBM customers, which includes analytics for drug re-pricing, member messaging, member web portals & mobile applications, and reporting dashboards.

For the RxEOB Implementation process, we currently undertake a 4 stage process in working with your healthcare organization. The four steps are divided into two categories: RxEOB and our Client.

Step 1: Requirements Gathering
Once the decision has been made to partner with RxEOB, both the RxEOB teams and the client teams work together to start the initial processes. These include the following information and requirements gathering steps:

RxEOB                                                                                                                   Client
Assign team                                                                                                       Assign a Project Manager
Kick-off Meeting                                                                                                Identify SMEs
Review existing workflow                                                                                 Attend Kick-off meeting
Implementation Guide Review                                                                         Summarize current processes
Complete Implementation Guide

Step 2: Configuration
During the configuration process, the RxEOB team and Client team determine the configuration for the RxEOB portals and related information to offer the proper configuration to make the most of the RxEOB portals and mobile applications.

RxEOB                                                                                                                   Client
Establish staging & production environments                                               Data transfer support
Implement customizations                                                                              Establish SSO
Establish data-transfer protocols; SSO

Step 3: Testing & Install

During this phase, the RxEOB teams will vigorously test and install RxEOB portals and mobile applications to ensure that all aspects of the RxEOB program will work correctly with the existing framework of the partners’ healthcare systems. The testing and install phases are design to ensure that everything that is created and implemented will follow all guidelines set by the client to ensure seamless integration before going live, as well as offering end to end quality assurance protocols and complete training on the systems.

RxEOB                                                                                                                   Client
Customize training materials                                                                           Receive training
Deliver training                                                                                                 Acceptance & review process
Turn on integration
End to end QA processes

Step 4: Go-Live
Once all aspects of training, testing and install have been created, tested and checked for proper integration, RxEOB will go live with the portal and mobile environments. Once live, the RxEOB team will continue to monitor and support the portals and mobile applications to ensure full functionality for our clients, offer support from technical and business analysts, as well as offering featured updates and upgrades to offer the highest

RxEOB                                                                                                                   Client
Hosting & Maintenance                                                                                 Bi-weekly status meetings with client
Continued support from technical & business analyst                               Client management status meetings
Ongoing updates and upgrades

The RxEOB pharmacy benefit portal and mobile management offerings are designed to offer our partners the highest performing, most robust system available. To learn more about how RxEOB can assist your healthcare organization, please contact us at 888-648-0989 ext. 226, or email us at info@rxeob.com.