How Targeted Messaging Can Build Loyalty in HIX Members

How Targeted Messaging Can Build Loyalty in HIX Members

Nearly 12 million people enrolled in the health insurance Marketplaces during 2015 open enrollment. That makes Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) one of the biggest drivers of customers for pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) and health plans.


As patients begin taking a more active role in their health and wellness, it becomes vital to find new ways to engage them. One method that has been shown to improve patient engagement is targeted messaging.


According to the Pew Research Center, 64 percent of American adults now own a smartphone, up 35 percent from 2011. A targeted messaging platform lets companies communicate in timely, relevant ways with members, no matter where they are.


There are many ways targeted messaging creates loyalty, but two main ones are by cutting member costs and by helping them adhere to medication doses and scheduling.


Cutting Member Costs


Many HIX patients  have high-deductible plans and are exposed to financial challenges when they are asked to pay for prescribed medications. While expensive drugs are less likely to be purchased or continued than lower-cost prescriptions, members are more likely to be compliant if they can afford medications.


One of the biggest ways a targeted messaging platform  can help build loyalty to the health plan for  high-deductible populations is to help them reduce their prescription costs. Using targeted messaging enable the health plan and PBM to let members know when less expensive drugs (such as generics) are available and which network pharmacies have the best prices, both of which have Triple Aim benefits: better access and lower costs.


Increasing Medication Adherence


When patients don’t adhere to prescription protocols, either by not taking their medication at all or taking it at incorrect times or in the wrong doses, it can have health and financial consequences. For example, an asthma patient who skips an inhaler dose might end up at the hospital’s emergency room with an asthma attack.


Not only does this jeopardize patient health, it also inflates the medical costs associated with the adverse event.  Using targeted messaging has been shown to increase patients’ medication adherence, helping consumers stay healthier, and helping them achieve better health care outcomes.


Overall, a targeted messaging system benefits members by:



Engaging patients as equal partners in promoting better health and transparency about better healthcare choices doesn’t just improve member loyalty, it most importantly improves their health and reduces their costs. To learn more about how our messaging system can help your company improve customer loyalty, contact us at 888-648-0989 ext. 226 email: info@rxeob.com.