Encouraging Better Outcomes: Principles Behind Successful Mobile Health Apps

Encouraging Better Outcomes: Principles Behind Successful Mobile Health Apps

Successful mobile health technology involves more than just slapping together a smartphone app that pesters patients with potentially unwanted and unneeded information. The apps need to have the analytical capabilities to deliver the right message at the right time.Mobile Messaging Platforms RxEOB

Health intervention design

According to research from the University of Michigan concerning health intervention design1, timely interventions can capitalize on short-term opportunities to improve health outcomes:

An emerging intervention design, the just-in-time adaptive intervention (JITAI) holds enormous potential for promoting health behavior change. A JITAI is an intervention design that adapts the provision of support (e.g., the type, timing, intensity) “over time to an individual’s changing status and contexts,” with the goal to deliver support “at the moment and in the context that the person needs it most and is most likely to be receptive.” Increasingly powerful mobile and sensing technologies underpin this intervention design. They allow us to monitor the dynamics of an individual’s internal state and context in real time and offer support flexibly in terms of time and location. JITAIs are increasingly being used to support health behavior changes in domains such as physical inactivity, alcohol use, mental illness, smoking, and obesity.

Personalized messaging

For instance, the RxEOB®MercuryMessaging™ platform can pinpoint when health plan members should receive personalized messaging based on their recent claims experience. It does so with minimal message noise and false positives.

The platform will create a personalized message that can be delivered by text, email, or through phone calls, based on the member’s preferred method of communication.

These messages can be tailored to specific member needs such as:

RxEOB can help health care organizations create member engagement programs to increase adherence and to drive better patient health care outcomes. For more information, visit www.rxeob.com, or call 804-643-1540.

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