Do your consumers get the best Rx Pricing?

Do your consumers get the best Rx Pricing?

The unfortunate truth in regards to medication pricing is, most Americans are overpaying for their prescriptions. Even with aid from health insurance, brand name drugs can exceed $100 and in 2008, the average price paid for a brand name medication was $137.90. With such high markups, medication adherence in America has been on a steady decline and now, only seven out of 10 consumers even get their prescriptions filled.

While there are many factors that result in such high prices, health plan users typically are not limited to just such prescriptions and can save a significant amount of money by taking generic medications. These varieties can cost up to 99 percent less than their name brand counterparts, which not only saves consumers money, but helps pharmacy benefit managers cut prescription spending. Despite the statistically appeal, generics are still frequently left out of the limelight.

As a PBM, offering consumers a variety of medication options for their prescriptions can help push more cost effective generics, but without proper technology, a user will continue to be left in the dark. If you’re looking to increase user satisfaction and cut spending, now is the time to consider advancements in mHealth. Here are a couple of examples:

If you’re failing to give your users options for generic drugs, you are failing to provide them with the most satisfactory pharmacy experience. With advanced mHealth technologies and services, such as offered by RxEOB, you can give more information in an uncluttered and streamlined manner. To find out more, contact RxEOB today.