Do Certain Types of Communications Work Best With Certain Populations?

Do Certain Types of Communications Work Best With Certain Populations?

As healthcare organizations and partner companies look to reduce compliance issues and raise the overall health of their patients, one area of focus has been the use of messaging platforms to reach populations. While there has been a great deal of discussion regarding the effectiveness of different campaign methodologies, including emails, text messaging and portal communications, being able to offer compliance reminders to patients has shown promise in several studies. Mobile Messaging Platforms RxEOB

One particular study, undergone by the University of Chicago Medicine, showed a great deal of success with using text messaging for a particular group in regards to compliance with diabetes programs. The study from a University of Chicago Medicine pilot program using text message reminders for diabetes patients showed success for enhancing patient support and self-care for chronic conditions. The program showed promise for patients, with an average decrease of HbA1c levels from 7.9 percent to 7.2 percent, while individuals that had the most poorly controlled HbA1c levels dropped from 10.3 percent to 8.5 percent in only six months.

The study also found cost savings in near patient care costs, beyond the long term savings related to better health for patients in need of chronic condition care. The University of Chicago Medicine text messaging program showed a “significant decrease in health care costs compared to the pre-test period. The total cost of care declined $812 per participant, reflecting a savings of $1,332 in inpatient, outpatient and emergency department visits, offset by a $520 increase in drug costs. 73 percent of participants said they were satisfied with the program, with 88 percent pointing to interaction with a health professional as an important factor in their engagement.”

This study indicates that using programs to inform patients of benefits, medicine reminders and other pertinent patient notifications can not only rise adherence to beneficial medical programs, but can also offer outstanding costs savings for both healthcare providers and patients. RxEOB works with a number of healthcare organizations to offer member engagement programs through a variety of methods to increase compliance and drive better patient outcomes. To learn more about how RxEOB can assist your healthcare organization, please contact us at 888-648-0989 ext. 226, or email us at info@rxeob.com.