Delivering Higher Quality Healthcare Through Mobile Technology

Delivering Higher Quality Healthcare Through Mobile Technology

Mobile technology can help lower medical costs and deliver better health care through personalized communication with patients. The factors that contribute to medication non-adherence can be overcome through compliance reminders and by equipping consumers with needed information.

Communication barriers

Research has identified several barriers to adherence, according to the American Heart Association:

The statistics are startling, but as many as half of 187 million patients in the U.S. do not take their medications as prescribed – meaning they do not follow the intensity of the drug regimen or continue to take their drugs through the duration of the prescription. There are a variety of potential reasons for this including poor communications between healthcare providers and patients, fear of side effects, high medication costs, interaction with other prescriptions, and simple forgetfulness.

Compliance reminders mean positive changes

Positive behavior changes can be brought about by compliance reminders sent by text messaging or other communication platforms. Health apps can help improve treatment compliance by reminding patients to take their medications and to attend medical appointments. Research has shown that patients suffering from chronic medical conditions benefit from compliance reminders to take medication. Patients who take their medications as directed are more likely to benefit from the regimen.

Giving consumers medication price information

Health technology apps can also benefit patients on the consumer side of the equation. In a world of ever-rising medication costs, providing patients with personalized, real-time cost comparisons of medications coupled with benefit information gives them the power to make educated choices about purchases.

RxEOB has developed emWellics®, a personalized mobile pharmacy benefits app, that offers personalized medication savings details. It allows patients to make better educated purchases of medication, lowering their personal costs.

Offering pharmacy benefit analytics, portals, mobile applications and reporting, RxEOB’s products help health plans and PBMs engage patients for better pharmacy utilization and adherence. For more information on how RxEOB can help reduce your overall health care costs, please visit:  http://www.rxeob.com  or call 804-643-1540, ext. 226.