Building Customer Loyalty Can Make Open Enrollment More Profitable

Building Customer Loyalty Can Make Open Enrollment More Profitable

As health plans and PBMS look towards next fall’s open enrollment period, connecting with current customers in personalized ways enhances the likelihood that they will be returning as a loyal customer. While the open enrollment process itself is mandated and becoming somewhat easier to manage, truly understanding the health insurance benefit plan options available can be difficult for most consumers. Health plans that consider creative and personalized ways to explain the selection process can help support current members in making better benefit plan choices, thereby building better customer loyalty and reducing the “churn” of people who change plans, which ultimately reduces member acquisition costs.


Here are some ways to help build customer loyalty.


Engage Members with Personalized Messaging


Since the general population doesn’t go anywhere without their smartphones, your best bet for improved engagement with your members is through a personal, secure and relevant mobile messaging strategy and a configurable messaging platform to customize messages and campaigns


Earning the trust of your members, which is the foundation of better loyalty, starts with messaging during the year that encourages the member to consider health plan and PBM resources that offer them ways to improve their health and reduce their out-of-pocket costs.  As these messages are delivered in personalized ways, it’s highly likely that the member will begin to pay attention and respond to early fall messages regarding open enrollment, answers to FAQs and enrollment milestone dates.


Personalized messages have been shown to:



Develop Rapport Through Social Media


Building a relationship with consumers year-round through all of the social media outlets that a health plan supports will not only help retain current customers, but it could begin to attract new ones as satisfied members tell others of their better experiences with their health plan and its health care resources. Here are some basics for getting the most out of your social media platforms:





There are many ways to let consumers know you’re committed to helping them take control of their health care. The health plans that grow their memberships and reduce churn will be those that don’t wait until open enrollment gets underway to communicate to their members. Be a health plan known for building better member loyalty through creative and personalized messaging that is in the context of the member’s care preferences, and it will lead to better health and well-being for both the member and the health plan.