Better Health Outcomes: Reaching the Goal Through Mobile Health Technology

Better Health Outcomes: Reaching the Goal Through Mobile Health Technology

Effective health plan member messaging can lead to better outcomes with patient self-management. Mobile health technology can provide a means to help patients better help themselves.

It’s pretty simple. Patients need to understand medical recommendations before they can follow them. They also need to be able to remember when to take their medications and how often. It’s in the best interest of health plans to be able to provide their members with convenient and easy to understand reminders and information that will facilitate better self-management.

Mobile health technology solutions

A mobile health technology solution such as the RxEOB®MercuryMessaging™ platform can provide these reminders. MercuryMessaging allows health care organizations to reach members through secure and preferred channels such as text messaging, email, native apps, and push notifications. A University of Chicago Medicine pilot program showed that using text message reminders for diabetes management helped improve patient health and dropped the total cost of care for each patient by $812 per participant.1 The big picture is that widespread use of personalized and timely mobile messaging reminders could shave billions off of total health care costs in the U.S. by increase medication adherence.

Improve reimbursements

For health plans, the secondary consideration is that improved outcomes can mean improved reimbursement. Medicare health plans, for example, can substantially increase reimbursement from the federal government by improving their STAR Ratings. These rankings track elements such as how often plan members get recommended tests and treatments to manage chronic conditions.

Reminders don’t help anyone, though, if they don’t reach the right patients in the right way. MercuryMessaging integrates deep analytics, a message management component, and a mail delivery component. This allows health plans to target specific members and customize the message individually.

RxEOB can help health care organizations better communicate with members to drive better patient health care outcomes. For more information, visit www.rxeob.com, or call 804-643-1540.

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