Are You Making the Most of Mobile?

Are You Making the Most of Mobile?

As value-based health care takes center stage, more companies are using mobile messaging as a way to offer members timely, relevant reminders to act. And it’s working. A paper published in the February 2016 issue of JAMA Internal Medicine showed that text message reminders increased compliance with medication regimens. The study revealed that, when reminder texts were sent, the rate of patients who followed through on medication jumped from 50 percent to nearly 68 percent.


Effective mobile messaging can result in reduced commercial, Medicare and Medicaid costs, as well as better patient outcomes. Since the general population doesn’t go anywhere without their smartphones, your best bet for improved engagement with your members is through a personal, secure and relevant mobile messaging platform.


Reach Them Where They Are, Instantly


Not only is the health-care industry evolving, but so are people’s expectations about how they send and receive information. As we’ve transitioned from a desktop-oriented society to a mobile culture, our members demand information at the swipe of the finger. A mobile system must be instant, real-time and easy to navigate, and it must add value to members’ busy lives.


A mobile messaging platform lets you communicate in timely, relevant ways – regardless of where your members are. Whether you’re giving them access to drug information databases or texting them prescription reminders, a mobile messaging system is not only a convenient and effective way for members to receive important health information, it’s the method many prefer.


Managing and Analytics – What to Look for in a Messaging System


A messaging platform should put data at your members’ fingertips – and yours, too. It should enable you to build databases, rules, message and message triggers quickly and efficiently.


The system should enable you to approve and test messages, set up scheduling and delivery, and coordinate message campaigns. Your members should be able to choose their preferred communication channels, and the system should report on message responses on outcomes.


Benefits of a Messaging Platform


There are many money- and time-saving benefits to a mobile messaging system. They include:



Your members live on their mobile devices and using a simple, effective messaging system is the best way to ensure your company meets the needs of today’s evolving value-based health care system.


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